Friday, June 14, 2013

Make up Trial~ ♥

Make up testing~♥♥

Hi everyone, I am here once again.^.^Well this time I am going to share my result of testing some of my new make-up getting from "GIORGIO ARMANI", "Benefit" and "CHANEL"! They are all awesome and new of each of their collections!! haha! Firstly, here comes the "GIORGIO ARMANI" lip gloss and Lipstick! Some samples from the nice staff of Giorgio Armani.

#Rouge D'armani Sheer lipstick 502
#Flash Lacquer 520
#Flash Lacquer  526
#Lip maestro 500

Here I am demonstrating LIP MAESTRO NO.500^^ 

It's a dark pink like colour, quite stands out. This colour suites those who like to have stands out lips^^ Awesome choice!

Here is a picture of me using Flash Lacquer 520, it's quite a light and for me I think it's more like a crystal shine kinda lipgloss. I like it as it's colour is not as harsh as the LIP MAESTRO and it's more natural^^

*ATTENTION: After I try quite a lot of brand of lipgloss, I found GIORGIO ARMANI'S lip glosses are not sticky, long lasting, luxury. (The price would be moderate compare to the other famous brand but for me i think it's quite ok as I think the product worth that much money^^ 


What I am showing here is the FINE ONE-ONE from Benefit, multi usage for Cheek and lips! I found it quite useful when you are in a hurry and the colour is adorable!^^

This is a video about the Benefit Fine One-one that shows you how to use it and the details of the colour!^^

This is the result that after I use Benefit Fine One-one on my cheeks! I apply it really light as I am use to a natural look of blush haha^^ But it blends really well and I love the Fine One-one looks!


This is what I get lately from Chanel. The Rouge COCO lipstick no.56! I know what you guys gonna say, "YOU HAVE SO MUCH LIPSTICK ALREADY!" But I really can't resist as the trend now is all about LIP COLOURS! XD 

Here's a picture of the product:
This colour is quite corally which is i think a mix of orange and red. It gives you a natural colour of your lip and it stands out quite well^^ Oh ya before I forget, the collection of Rouge COCO is a hydrating lipstick collection and if you don't like to use lipstick, they also have another series of COCO lipgloss that you can get from a CHANEL counter^^

This is how I look like after I used my Rouge COCO no.56. I think it's quite natural and nice^^

Thanks for reading guys!^^ I will try to update my blog often and share more about different brands of cosmetics!

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